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Sawyer Mill Blue Pot Holder Set of 2 8x8


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Elevate your farmhouse kitchen with the VHC Brands Cotton Pot Holder Set of 2, a versatile addition to your country-inspired culinary space. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this set of 2 square 8x8-inch pot holders embodies the essence of patchwork charm, featuring a classic Denim Blue hue from the Sawyer Mill Blue Collection.

These pot holders are not only stylish but also heat-resistant, providing you with the perfect combination of form and function for your cooking needs. The flat weave design adds a touch of rustic country appeal to your kitchen, making it an ideal choice for those who appreciate the warmth and character of country-inspired accents.

The set comes in a classic Denim Blue color, seamlessly blending with your decor and adding a timeless farmhouse touch to your culinary environment. Whether you're preparing a home-cooked meal or simply adding accents to your kitchen, the VHC Brands Cotton Pot Holder Set of 2 is a welcoming addition that beautifully reflects the cozy and inviting atmosphere of farmhouse and country-style living.


  • Farmhouse Elegance: The VHC Brands Cotton Pot Holder Set of 2 from the Sawyer Mill Blue Collection adds a touch of farmhouse elegance to your kitchen.
  • Denim Blue Hue: These square 8x8-inch pot holders feature a lovely denim blue color that complements your country-style decor.
  • Quilted Patchwork: The charming patchwork design enhances your kitchen's aesthetic while providing reliable heat resistance for your cookware.
  • Durable Flat Weave: Crafted from durable, flat-woven cotton, these pot holders offer a secure grip and protect your hands from hot pans and pots.
  • Practical Kitchen Essentials: These pot holders are essential for everyday use, whether you're cooking, baking, or handling hot dishes.
  • Style and Function: The Sawyer Mill Blue Collection pot holders blend style and function, enhancing your kitchen decor while keeping you safe from burns.
  • Machine Wash, Tumble Dry Low, Iron Safe.


  • Material: 100% Cotton Shell, Cotton Batting
  • Colors: Denim Blue, Soft White
  • Quilting Stitch: Stitch in the Ditch
  • Hanging Method: Fabric Loop
  • Care: Machine Wash, Tumble Dry Low, Iron Safe
  • Dimensions: 2 x Pot Holder - 8 x 8

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